What is Soylent?
Soylent is a very complete food substitute designed to meet all your daily nutritional needs. Soylent is made from changing sources of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. And these all in an easy to prepare liquid meal.

The Developer of Soylent
Soylent was developed by software developer Rob Rhinehart. It is intended for providing the human body with all its nutritional needs without much time, cost, or effort.

Developing Soylent
After researching nutritional requirements worldwide (WHO, FDA, EFSA) Rhinehart improved the formula by testing it out on himself. Rhinehart named Soylent after the fictional foodstuff in the 1973 movie  Soylent Green.

First Production of Soylent
The commercial version of Soylent was financed with the help of a very successful crowdfunding campaign and the investment of a private equity firm. Over US$3.500.000 were raised in total. This money, according to Soylent’s parent company Rosa Labs, was used for research and for adjusting the Soylent formula. The first orders of Soylent were shipped out in the US in May, 2014.

Soylent in Europe
Soylent is not available in Europe. Of the many variants of European soylent, Nano is considered the most advanced total meal, that according to many even surpasses Soylent.

Soylent Alternative
In contrast to Soylent, Nano uses a new technique involving the encapsulation of micro-nutrients in a micro- or nano-layer. This protects essential ingredients from stomach acid and from enzymes in the gastro-intestinal tract. This makes Nano the European alternative to Soylent. Nano will probably also be available on the American market in 2016.