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Quick Overview

Nano Soup requires only water and heat so it is ideal for hiking, camping or traveling in remote places. Nano Soup is packed per meal in a strong convenient pouch. You can combine Nano Soup with the other Nano meals and keep some diversity in your meals while on the road. Traveling and hiking can wear you down so Nano is there to support you all the way!

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Nutritional value per NANO meal







Nano Soup, for the people who like a quick balanced hot meal, but also want it to contain all the macro and micro nutrients you need in all the right amounts and ratios and last but not least you want it to be delicious. You would think this is impossible, wouldn’t you?

Well, it isn’t. Nano Soup is prepared in just 30 seconds, has all the macro and micro nutrients you need in a balanced meal and above all is delicious! Nano Soup contains exactly 33% of the daily amount of nutrients, vitamins, calories, proteins etc. that your body needs per meal.

It’s possible to enhance the Soup with your own veggies or pasta, but you could also consume it as it was developed. The choice is yours! Nano Soup is completely vegan and is ready to be produced in outer space greenhouse facilities. The Soup is also sustainable with ingredients from high quality European sources.

How does Nano Soup taste?

Nano Soup is described as a rich tomato vegetable soup with no chemical flavouring or ingredients.