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Nano Boost Coffee

Nano Boost Coffee


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Nano Boost Coffee

Quick Overview

Nano Wake Up is just like Nano regular only with a kick! With an amazing natural coffee taste and both extra caffeine and L-Theanine it will boost your day like no other food on the market. Use in the morning or afternoon to wake up! Or use in the evening to stay awake and get Shhh done..

Warning this product contains high amounts of caffeine! (100mg/100g)

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Nutritional value per NANO Coffee meal







Unique formula

The combination of natural coffee powder, natural caffeine (100mg/100g) and natural L-Theanine (50mg/100g) will give you an amazing boost with less of the jitters you experience from normal coffee or energy drinks.

The mixture of nutrients provides you with exacly 33% of your daily needs + added energy kick and a great coffee taste!

Using NANO

Nutritionally Balanced

One Nano meal contains exactly 33% of all the macro- and micro nutrients your body needs.

Great for active people

You wish to stay on a healthy diet while traveling/hiking? Take Nano with you and stay energized!

Saves you a lot of time

You can prepare nano in less than a minute. You only need a cup or a shaker, and Nano is packed per meal so you can take it wherever you are going!

Usual Daily Diet

Not nutritious

Most food that we eat is not nutritionally balanced, too high in sugar, bad fats and carbs.

Is very expensive

A medium size meal will cost you anywhere between 7 to 15 euro’s. One Nano meal can cost as little as €1,33.

Takes up a lot of time

Preparing a medium size meal takes up between 30 minutes and 2 hours. This is one of the reasons people choose to consume fast and nutritionally empty fastfoods.

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